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Other Services


Digital filing for any type of microfilm or paper storage.
The files are preserved on CD-R in compliance with the law.
Examples of the types of documents to be found on optical storage are:

  • Invoices and delivery notes

  • Books, registers and accounts.

  • A variety of documents, contracts and certificates

  • Letters and general correspondence

  • Price lists, offers and catalogues

We are able to handle various types of input (photographs, taped commentaries, short films, files produced from different programmes, printing spools etc.).
Normally colour documents or those with pictures are saved in a simple Tiff format, while text-based documents are saved in Word, but is possible to consider other formats.

Microfilming services

Microfilm has been used for over 50 years and is considered one of the most stable forms of technology for safe filing with guaranteed continuity.
We have all types of technology at our disposal for 16 / 35 / 105 mm microfilm systems for a correct archiving of all kinds of files (drawings, documents, newspapers or catalogues).

Custody services

La Custodia Srl owns proper equipped rooms and employs trained personnel for the special treatments of furs, leather articles of clothing and carpets.
Due to our long experience in this field we bettered the security systems to protect your goods, whatever they are: jewels, gold, silver, diamonds, gems, antiques, stamp collections, documents and more.
The care of all these valuables comes with a complete insurance coverage.


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