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La Custodia, after over twenty years in the business, guarantees a corrected methodological approach in every phase of execution of the assignment, including any transport of documents in armoured vans.

Our philosophy is that adequate filing and storage of documents should be the main support in the running of a business, thus producing a primary source of information and thereby making the most of a company's documentary heritage.

Modularity and a steady dialogue between the parties to regularly verify the quality of the work make La Custodia a reliable and irreplaceable partner.

The caveau is the pride and joy of our firm, planned and built to satisfy the needs of the service. It has been classified in class C by the A.N.I.A. for armour-plated rooms.
Air conditioning and an anti-dust machines are installed inside, the ideal devices for the preservation of magnetic materials.
A brand new sprinkler system with automatic extinguishing completes the installation.

This guarantees total protection of the archive and assures the preservation and the long-lasting use of the archive.


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