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Archive Outsourcing Services


Archive outsourcing means transferring out from the original location of part or the whole of the client's archives, and storing them elsewhere, so that they are better preserved and easier to consult.

The aims are greater efficiency and a high standard.

La Custodia Srl carries out these aims with the following activities:


  • Deposit archive management

  • Current archive management

  • Historical archive management

  • Documents imaging and optical management

  • File and preservation of Edp storage mediums;

Advantages offered by the outsourcing of archive management are:

  • The possibility of having large spaces for filing, in compliance with the security laws;

  • Costs in proportion to the space occupied;

  • Costs constantly under control;

  • Equipment security;

  • Respect of the privacy laws.

In a modern firm all data is usually recorded on magneto-optical storage mediums, which represent the firmís memory.

Nowadays it is a priority to create and develop proper security procedures to protect Edp centres, especially with regard to intruding possibilities from the Internet.

These Problems, related to the protection of data-copies are at the core of Custodia s.r.l. and and company has already faced and solved over the years.


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